First, head over to your Track board and start adding investors you don’t have a warm introduction to into the ‘Needs Intro’ column.

Next step is to head on over to the IntroSend page. You’ll see a text box - this is the message that will be across the top of the page you share to your network to give them instructions on how to use the page. You can personalise this however you want. You can even come back and edit it later. Below the text box is the link you can share with anyone you think can help out with intros. They won’t need to log in or create an account.

Here they will see your alphabetised list of intro targets. If they can make an intro, they simply quick the button and add in their details. This lets you keep tabs on who is making intros to who.

The introducer is then given access to the unique PitchSend url they can share with their contact at the VC or angel investor. They can even hit the Open Email link which opens their email client and populates it with the PitchSend url.

Finally, once someone has put their name to an investor, it automatically moves into the ‘Getting Intro’ column (and removes them from the IntroSend list)  so everyone can keep tabs on which investors you are getting intros to, and which are still outstanding.

That’s it! Hope you find it helpful, and if you have any feedback please don’t hesitate to drop us an email or hop on the chat in the bottom right of the page here.

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