PitchSend is a tool that integrates with the Track investor CRM feature. A unique link generates automatically for each investor you add to Track. This link directs to the most recent version of your pitch deck. PitchSend allows you to know whether potential investors have looked at your deck, which slides they spend the most time on, where they drop off, number of views, and if they download it. PitchSend also provides an aggregated view of all investors. That way, you can see how your deck is performing to improve it and reduce drop-offs.

How to set it up

Head over to the 'Documents' page in Navigator. Ther you can upload a pdf version of your pitch deck.

Once done, a unique URL generates for each investor you have in Track. Make sure you share this unique URL with the corresponding investor.

Individual analytics

The icons on each investor's card in track tell you a bit about how they've engaged with the link. A green check means they've viewed it. The green down arrow means they've downloaded it. The green heart means they've viewed it multiple times.

When you click on the card, in addition to general profile and any contact info you've added, you'll also see the individual analytics. You can view time spent, number of visits, whether they've downloaded it, and number of seconds spent slide by slide.

Aggregated analytics

You can view aggregated analytics for all investors by heading over to the PitchSend link. There you can see the total number of visits and downloads and average time spent overall and on each slide. You'll also see where dropoffs most commonly occur. Use this information to rectify those slides and reduce the number of potential investors that leave before viewing the full deck.

Need more info? View the demo video.

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