The Investor Smart Search aims to provide data that helps you focus on which investors you are most likely to raise. The goal is for you to better focus your time on the investor leads that are more likely to yield results, rather than the ones that won’t.

We base the ranking on the investor’s history, looking at what investments they've made, accounting for recency and frequency. More specifically, the criteria we calculate for includes:

  • Geography - does the investor invest in your country
  • Stage - are they investing at the round size/stage you are at
  • Category/sector - do they invest in startups in this space
  • Frequency - how active is this particular investor
  • Specificity - do prior investment patterns that indicate they only invest in certain countries or specific categories or are they more generalist?
  • Using these criteria, we rank investors to help you match with those whom you have the most likely chance of success.

We also try and predict the minimum and maximum sizes of rounds they invest in, again based on what they have done in the past.

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